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Become a Certified DTC Marketer

DTC University courses offer a range of DTC (direct-to-consumer) advertising topics including Intro to DTC Marketing, Understanding Disease Education Campaigns, Basic DTC Social Marketing, and more.

We currently are offering a Certified DTC Marketer Program online. To become a Certified DTC Marketer, students must complete  the DTC 101 program and pass a testClick here to view the DTC 101 program.

After successfully becoming a Certified DTC Marketer, students can become a Certified Master DTC Marketer by completing an additional 3 credits of Master Classes. DTC Perspectives offers Master Classes at the following events:

To maintain certification the following year, students must complete an additional 5 credits of Master Classes. Credits obtained in the current year can by applied to the continued certification in the following year.

Who is it for?

Varying programs and certification levels allows anyone working or who aspires to work in DTC (direct-to-consumer) pharma advertising to become certified. Pharmaceutical brand marketers, agency team members, or college students can all become certified.

Featured Faculty Members

Dr. Brent Rollins, RPh, PhD

Associate Professor of Pharmacy Administration, PCOM - Georgia School of Pharmacy

Dr. Rollins is an Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice at the Georgia Campus – PCOM School of Pharmacy.  He received his BS in Pharmacy from Ohio Northern University and then a PhD in Pharmacy Care Administration with an emphasis in Pharmaceutical Marketing from the University of Georgia.  He has  published numerous peer-reviewed articles and given presentations on health care consumer behavior, particularly focusing on direct-to-consumer prescription advertising, and the scholarship of teaching.  He is the primary co-author of the textbook titled Pharmaceutical Marketing and co-author of another textbook, Financial Analysis in Pharmacy Practice. 

Linda Ruschau

Chief Client Officer, PatientPoint

Linda Ruschau is the Chief Client Officer at PatientPoint, the trusted leader of patient and physician engagement solutions at the point of care. She brings over 25 years of experience in pharmaceutical marketing, point-of-care expertise, client service leadership and business acumen to the role. As one of its first employees, Ruschau helped PatientPoint pioneer the point-of-care industry in exam rooms, waiting rooms, clinical areas and throughout a patient’s hospital stay. She is now one of the company’s longest-tenured leaders.

Frank Chipman

Senior Vice President, Advanced Insights & Marketing

Frank is a communications expert for the consultancy Advanced Insights & Marketing.  He began working for Pharma companies such as Eli Lilly, AstraZeneca and Wyeth in 2000, building on experience working with some of the world’s strongest consumer companies.  He leveraged brand and communications experience to building the marketing programs for blockbuster Rx brands such as Nexium, Cialis, Plavix, Ambien, Crestor, Effexor and Seroquel.  He is excited to participate in the current DTC marketing renaissance that embraces a combination of media channels including digital.  This new wave of marketing enables clients with modest budgets to achieve outstanding results.

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