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Lead a Master Class

Share Your DTC Marketing Expertise & Lead a Master Class

DTC marketing is a very complex area that requires high knowledge of not only marketing but healthcare and regulatory information. DTC Perspectives is seeking experts in various fields within DTC marketing who are interested in leading their own DTC University: Master Class course.

Top industry professionals will create and host their own Master Class course, providing a deep-dive on any particular topic relevant in DTC marketing. These courses are pre-recorded and edited before releasing to DTC University students. Teachers have the option to present these courses in-person during future DTC U Live events.

Each Master Class course proposal should offer concise details and must include the following:

  • Talk title and 100-word abstract
  • Three take-aways students will learn
  • Biography for the intended teacher

This is an ongoing initiative so submit your request to lead a course today! Contact Jennifer Kovack ( with questions.